Alberto Lorenzo
Assistant Director, Trainer Development

Alberto is an Assistant Director, Trainer Development.  Alberto has worked on violence prevention initiatives, alcohol and drug education and outreach as well as crises response on college campuses for many years. Alberto also holds a Master’s degree in English Literature with a concentration in Latino studies and literacy from Georgetown University. He is a proud immigrant from Cuba; he was born on the island and raised in the U.S.


My work is guided, first and foremost, by my heart.  Alteristic is the long answer to the very small and personal question: How will I carry this legacy? Having been personally impacted by power-based violence, my call to action is this work; it gets me out of bed each morning. I know that the human cost of violence is too great and it cannot wait. I constantly envision a world that’s safer; a place where people talk about a culture of power-based personal violence as a thing of the past, a trend that will not come back.


I’m the epitome of the Cancer sign: from the caring homebody-ness to the mood swings and the ride-or-die-ness quality of my friendships. Most people don’t know that I love cooking or that I’m actually really good at it. My perfect kind of weekend involves the beach, a book, my family, my dogs, and a good “arroz con pollo” to go with it all. My German Shepherds run my life and their names are Ravenclaw and Godric (as in Gryffindor). Oh yeah, and I’m a huge Harry Potter fan. Mischief managed.