Constance Adams
Senior Trainer

Connie provides training and fosters capacity building for communities and institutions dedicated to power-based personal violence prevention. Prior to Alteristic, Connie served as the inaugural director of the Belles Against Violence Office at Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Indiana and implemented the Green Dot strategy for nearly 8 years. Connie earned her Master of Social Work (from Washington University in St. Louis and Bachelor of Social Work from Saint Mary’s College. Prior to higher education, Connie began her work with small non-profits specializing in intimate partner violence.


While I am called to this work, I am sustained in my firm belief that change lies in the palms of our hands, in the depths of our hearts. Humans are innately good and have the capacity to triumph over evil with small, intentional moments. This collective triumph is how we reduce power-based personal violence. I have seen our capacity to do this and am honored to guide others in recognizing the hope they hold and the power of the individuals in their communities. I do this work to be fully who I am meant to be and inspire others to do the same.


According to Myers-Briggs, I should be an accountant, but here I am as an advocate and educator. I have LOVED polka dots and Kelly green long before Green Dot was a strategy. One of my first words was mall, but this has evolved into an obsession of thrift stores and garage sales…and bartering. I immerse myself in comedy over drama and will dominate (in a feminist and kind manner) a FRIENDS TV show trivia contest. And I might be a little competitive. My nieces and nephews give me life and hope beyond measure, but chocolate suffices when I can’t see them often.

Senior Trainer Alberto Lorenzo