Jessy Lyons
Assistant Director, Research and Program Development

Jessy provides leadership for Senior trainers, contributes to developing Alteristic’s research-informed programs, and specializes in bridging theory to practice in prevention strategy. Prior to joining Alteristic, Jessy worked at the community level training professionals, leading collaborative initiatives, and building prevention capacity. She is a former domestic violence program director skilled in both prevention and response. Jessy holds an MA in Gender Studies from the University of Louisville.


I believe in our fundamental human ability to create the world in which we want to live and I want to live in one where violence is anomalous, not inevitable. Violence is an injustice that strikes at the very core of our beings, our relationships, and our communities. I believe the effort to prevent violence and harassment is one of the great social movements of our day. Given our pervasive connection to this issue, the strength of our humaneness, and the power of our collective moments to shift norms, there is no reason to think we cannot make outrageous rates of violence a thing of the past.


I am a passionate woman trying to change the world while also making sure my kid occasionally eats something besides peanut butter & jelly. I am an east-coaster with a mid-western soul. My heroes include Lisa Simpson, Thurgood Marshall, General Leia Organa, Mary Daly, and Leslie Knope. I am unapologetic about my aversion to hiking and defense of the Oxford comma. Things I like include baking, karaoke, and the Beatles. Quick shout-out to my awesome parents, ruggedly handsome husband, and the five other people who actually read this.