Nataia Jackson
Operations Support Coordinator

Nataia is the Operations Support Coordinator at Alterisitc. She has over six years of administrative experience. Nataia is responsible for a wide variety of tasks to support the efficient functioning of Alterisitic. She uses her organizational skills to ensure smooth operations in a busy work environment. Nataia considers herself to be a highly motivated, success-oriented person.


My goal is to always try to be positive and to find the good in something even when it’s hard. I would definitely consider myself to have the “glass is half full” attitude. I also believe in being kind to everyone because you never know what someone may be going through. You never know what a simple smile, hello, or even a compliment can do for someone.


At first, I’m shy and a bit awkward. But once you get to know me, I’m still awkward but really funny! I’m that good friend that you can always count on to give you great advice and to always be there for you. But, don’t call me past 8pm because I’m probably already asleep. Lastly, if you want to be my best friend, buy me CRAB LEGS!