Green Dot for College


The Green Dot Prevention Strategy for College is a research-supported strategy shown to reduce interpersonal violence, including sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, and stalking on college campuses by equipping students and university employees with the skills needed to intervene in high-risk situations and model behaviors that create and strengthen healthy campus norms.

Bring the Green Dot Prevention
Strategy to Your Campus

The Green Dot for College Implementation Training certifies instructors and coordinators to implement Green Dot on their campus. The two-part training consists of (1) Coordinating Team Training, and (2) Instructor Training. Interested colleges can receive the training by hosting a College-Specific Training or sending a team to a Green Dot Institute. Building core knowledge and skills of a team maximizes positive outcomes.


CSTs can be a cost-effective option for colleges certifying large teams. The half-day, virtual Coordinating Team Training is comprised of multiple colleges, creating opportunities to exchange ideas and form ongoing networks of support. The two-day Instructor Training (virtual or in-person) is college-specific, allowing for a tailored experience. Supplemental courses, focused on prevention capacity building, can be added to CSTs.


The Instructor Training component of the Green Dot Strategy is provided at GDIs and can be ideal for smaller teams or adding instructors to existing teams. The two-day training is offered on a rolling basis and open to any campus. The half-day Coordinating Team Training (virtual) is completed two weeks before the GDI. Individual colleges can schedule supplemental courses focused on prevention capacity building before or after a GDI.

The Green Dot Prevention Strategy

The Green Dot Prevention Strategy for College consists of three components: workshops, social marketing, and evaluation. When implemented effectively, these three components can drive behavior change and transform the culture of an institution.

Green Dot Bystander Intervention Training presented by Chambord & Alteristic at Alumni Weekend 2019


Highly interactive, bystander-focused workshops are tailored to students and university employees to equip participants to (1) intervene in high-risk situations, and (2) foster a healthy campus culture.

The ISU Green Dot Program launched in 2016. Since then, the program has grown from a single coordinator and a handful of facilitators to an entire team of over 20 students, faculty, and staff made up of program strategists, facilitation team members, student workers, and volunteers that represent the many different majors and communities of the university. During Academic Year 2022, the ISU Green Dot Program engaged over 2500 participants in trainings and over 12,000 participants across our outreach activities. During the annual university-wide Green Dot Action Month, ISU engages in high-impact programming and to mobilize students, faculty, and staff to collectively engage in proactive Green Dots. The ISU Green Dot Action Network is an ever-growing collection of student, faculty, and staff groups contributing to a shared vision of power-based, personal violence prevention through community mobilization and bystander education. The purpose of the network is capacity-building: shifting campus cultures away from violence towards care, compassion, and connection.


Social Marketing Campaigns reinforce, strengthen, and help sustain prevention-related skills by integrating passive media and booster activities into the daily routines of the students and employees.



Evaluation plans are implemented to measure progress utilizing surveys, key stakeholder interviews, and focus groups allowing for course corrections and ensuring desired outcomes are achieved.


The landscape of college campuses has evolved in the past several years, and Green Dot has evolved with it. Without compromising the core components, Green Dot has been restructured, simplifying implementation, and increasing access for institutions regardless of resources.

Flexibility and Scalability:
Based on resources, colleges can scale up implementation, including adding expanded workshops, collecting qualitative data for evaluation, and using more complex approaches for dissemination.

Hybrid Delivery:
For each component of the Strategy, colleges are provided both virtual and in-person options for delivery.

Multi-Year Strategy:
The strategy is comprised of four successive years of distinct workshops and social marketing campaigns that reinforce and build on the core skills of prevention.

“I would recommend Green Dot to another college because it is the only program that I have seen truly reduce rates of sexual assault, relationship abuse, and stalking. Green Dot invites every layer of your campus to participate, from Trustees, to administration, employees, and students of every identity.”
– Libby Thorson, Assistant Dean of Students, University of Wyoming

Other helpful information:

Compliance Chart

Alteristic has an ongoing commitment to ensuring Green Dot aligns with regulations and funding streams, ensuring the burden of compliance is not left to our campus partners to bear alone. Click here to see a chart which summarizes how Green Dot helps partners achieve compliance with Clery, VAWA and the OVW Campus Grant.

Capacity Building Courses

Strengthen your prevention and culture change initiatives with our capacity building courses. Courses include topics such as: Fundamentals of Effective Prevention, Mobilizing Community Members to Action, Diffusion of Innovations: Creating Lasting Culture Change, and Maximizing Educator Impact. The content of each course is aligned with best practices to deepen the expertise of your prevention team. Whether you are implementing Green Dot or another prevention program, a strong foundation will strengthen impact and the sustainability of your efforts. Contact us to assess your team’s capacity and identify individual courses or a series of courses curated to meet the unique needs of your team.

Equitable and Inclusive Programming

Alteristic has partnered with Kalformativ to support colleges in strengthening equity and inclusion within their institution, providing a context that promotes and supports culturally competent programs. Kalformativ can assist in developing prevention initiatives that proactively engage groups that are often marginalized and excluded and ensuring the benefits of prevention efforts are equitably distributed among all members of the campus community. Kalformative offers services including DEI Audits, Strategy Development, and consultation and training to strengthen prevention programs. For more information review and contact us for next steps.