Green Dot for the Trades

Green Dot for the Trades (GDT) is a research-based Harassment Prevention and Respectful Workplace Program (RWP) developed for the construction industry to enhance safety and retain a diverse and talented workforce by creating a climate of dignity and respect.

The program

GDT is comprised of three components: Training (in-person, virtual, and/or eLearning), Social Marketing Campaigns, and Evaluation. When implemented effectively, these three parts can drive behavior change and ultimately transform the culture of a jobsite.

“Green Dot has a history of ongoing evaluation, adaptation, and improvement. This pilot project shows that the model has demonstrated measured improvement and therefore is a model that has the potential to make real impact in addressing jobsite culture in construction.” (Regional Respectful Workplace Model Review Committee Recommendations, Oct. 2020)


Training includes General Workforce and Leadership workshops that teach participants to: (1) intervene when they notice harassing behaviors, and (2) engage in behaviors that support a culture of respect.

Social Marketing

Social Marketing Campaigns reinforce and strengthen new skills by integrating (1) posters and other collaterals with (2) brief booster activities/Toolbox Talks (smart phones, online, in-person).


Evaluation plans are developed to measure progress using surveys and brief conversations or focus groups, allowing for course corrections and ensuring desired outcomes are achieved.


eLearning for Trades is an asynchronous online course that provides a cost-effective option for employers to overcome the challenge of complicated worker flow by allowing employees who cannot easily access in-person or virtual training, including subcontractors, to access the program anytime, anywhere, on their computers, phones, or tablets.

Need Customized Solutions?

Every workplace is unique! Green Dot for the Trades is not a one-size-fits-all program. It is designed to allow each company or contractor to customize all three elements of the program – training, social marketing, and evaluation – to reflect the unique characteristics of their jobsite.