Green Dot for High School

Teenagers are experiencing dating and sexual violence, stalking, and bullying at alarming rates in our high schools. This program incorporates into its training a teaching tool that includes group and individual activities, team competitions, workbook activities, group discussions, and game playing. It speaks to the students with a series of video vignettes produced with other high schoolers. Instructors learn about working with school systems and incorporating parents, teachers, coaches, and other important influential figures in the high school setting.

A culture of prevention

Incorporating Green Dot into the culture of high schools is an important component for the success of the program. Key to that integration is the training of “popular opinion leaders” to help disseminate and normalize the idea that violence in not okay and everyone has to do their part. At Dubuque High School, they incorporated their Green Dot message into their Friday night football game by setting up a Green Dot fair beforehand and flipping a Green Dot coin at kickoff.

Students holding small blackboards with green dot intention statements.
Green Dot Ky traveling art project

Research supported

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention funded a five-year study to evaluate Green Dot in High School across Kentucky.  The study examined bystander intervention in 26 high schools over five years and confirms that Green Dot for High Schools reduces rates of sexual abuse, dating violence, stalking, and other interpersonal violence by statistically significant percentages. The study results were published in 2017 in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

Spotlight: Barrington High School

Located in a suburb of Chicago, Barrington High School officially began implementing the Green Dot program in the fall of 2016. The school completed a thorough planning and preparation process leading up to the official launch in spring 2017. Barrington has been a leader in introducing Green Dot training not only to their school, but also to schools in their district and other areas of the state.

Green Dot High School Program at Barrington High School near Chicago, Illinois.

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