We can make a living and make a safer world at the same time. We partner with businesses, corporations, and other organizations to prevent sexual assault, stalking, harassment, and other violence in the workplace. We develop new programs and adapt existing curriculum, as well as ensure effective implementation through training and technical assistance. We also consult on strategic planning and capacity building for violence prevention to create healthy workplaces that foster social, physical, economic, and professional growth opportunities for employees and their clients.

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For companies large and small

We have adapted our violence prevention programs to create safe work environments, no matter the business size or profession. From multimillion dollar corporations to mom and pop shops, we work to create safe company cultures.  

Spotlight: Bangor Savings Bank

After conducting key informant interviews with a diverse cross-section of employees, Alteristic tailored the Green Dot Strategy to address workplace harassment and bullying across all Bangor Bank branches in Maine and New Hampshire (over 50 locations). Alteristic conducted a four-day implementer training for branch representatives on how to implement an effective prevention strategy in their bank or region and reduce workplace harassment and bullying company wide. Currently, Bangor Savings Bank is implementing the Green Dot Strategy as Alteristic provides technical assistance and support for implementation and sustainability.

Spotlight: National Parks Service (NPS)

Bystander and Implementer Trainings are an important part of an overall strategy that NPS is employing to reduce harassment, bullying and other aggressive behaviors in the workplace. Alteristic provided multiple Bystander Trainings to 13 different NPS locations across the United States this year. The Bystander Trainings engaged NPS employees in high energy, activity-based learning opportunities to build participants’ abilities to recognize warning signs that could lead to or constitute harassment or bullying, identify barriers that have kept them from intervening in the past, generate and practice realistic bystander intervention strategies, and integrate proactive behaviors into everyday work life that contribute to healthy workplace norms. Participants from NPS locations across the U.S. are taking part in Implementer Trainings to train internal staff members in implementing Bystander Trainings.

Spotlight: Oregon Tradeswomen (OTI)

Our work is relevant for individual companies and membership associations. Since 2014, we’ve been collaborating with OTI to adapt and implement the Green Dot Violence Prevention Strategy to address bullying, harassment, hazing, and other forms of aggression in Portland’s construction trades. After an extensive customization of the curriculum, Green Dot for the Trades is currently being piloted on the Multnomah County Courthouse project in Portland, Oregon, led by Hoffman Construction. To ensure impact, an ongoing evaluation project is currently being conducted by a team at Portland State University, examining the effectiveness of the program.

Green Dot for the Trades
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Spotlight: Alcohol Industry

The United States Bartenders’ Guild, Brown-Forman, as well as other partner brands like Chambord, Campari and other distributors are currently partnering with Alteristic on a comprehensive and targeted approach to engage bartenders and other members of the alcohol industry in prevention. Alteristic is currently providing 3-hour bystander workshops around the United States, mobilizing participants to play a key role in stopping sexual assault and other forms of violence in their bars.  In partnership with USBG, Brown-Forman and others in the industry, Alteristic is planning to pilot a four-day Implementer Training, tailored specifically to provide participants with the skills to implement across bar settings.

Oregon Tradeswomen

Partnering to addresses bullying, harassment, hazing, and other forms of aggression in Portland’s construction trades.

U.S. Air Force

Partnering to set norms of respect, intolerance of interpersonal violence, and individual responsibility.

Relevant Research

RCT Testing Bystander Effectiveness to Reduce Violence

American Journal of Preventative Medicine

This study evaluated the Green Dot bystander intervention to reduce sexual violence and related forms of interpersonal violence in 26 high schools over 5 years and showed a significant decrease in sexual violence perpetration and also in other forms of interpersonal violence perpetration and victimization.

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Challenge and Opportunity in Evaluating a Diffusion-Based Active Bystander Prevention

This article explores the methodology of a 5-year, CDC funded study of the Green Dot bystander program as it is implemented in high schools across Kentucky. It is the first of several articles in this special issue of the Violence Against Women journal which discusses the evaluation of Green Dot in high schools.

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Evaluation of the Green Dot Bystander Intervention to Reduce Interpersonal Violence Among College Students Across Three Campuses Violence Against Women

This study compared rates of violence by type among undergraduate students  attending a college campus with the GreenDot bystander intervention with students at two colleges without bystander programs and explains that victimization rates were significantly lower among students attending the campus with Green Dot relative to the two other campuses.

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