Green Dot for College



The foundation of the Green Dot Strategy is education. Because of the human cost of interpersonal violence, we are committed to leveraging all available science to maximize the impact of every program. All workshop content, and every element of delivery and dissemination, is informed by research across many fields including but not limited to prevention, instructional design, learning transfer, persuasion, diffusion of innovations, hope science, community mobilization, social marketing/branding, and diversity and inclusion.


The foundational training component of Green Dot consists of a student workshop and an employee workshop. Workshops are designed to give participants the knowledge, skills, and motivation they need to engage in prevention efforts. Specifically, workshops equip students and employees to intervene in high-risk situations and engage in behaviors that contribute to a healthy campus climate. Depending on capacity and resources, campuses can expand their implementation in two ways: (1) they can implement the multi-year strategy delivering a different workshop each year for up to four-years, aligning with the typical academic cycle of their student body, and (2) they can incorporate a four-hour bystander workshop to strengthen the skillsets of key groups.

Green Dot_Community
Green Dot workshop participants in group activity.


It doesn’t matter what you’re saying if no one is listening. Maximizing participant engagement in learning is dependent on the effectiveness of the instructor. The two-day instructor training includes a focus on developing the core skills of effective delivery and facilitation including relationship building, establishing credibility through authenticity, harnessing the power of persuasion, and using hope to inspire action.


The Green Dot for College Implementation Training certifies instructors and coordinators to implement Green Dot on their campus. The two-part training consists of (1) Coordinating Team Training, and (2) Instructor Training. Interested colleges can receive the training by hosting a College-Specific Training or sending a team to a Green Dot Institute. Building core knowledge and skills of a team maximizes positive outcomes.


CSTs can be a cost-effective option for colleges certifying large teams. The half-day, virtual Coordinating Team Training is comprised of multiple colleges, creating opportunities to exchange ideas and form ongoing networks of support. The two-day Instructor Training (virtual or in-person) is college-specific, allowing for a tailored experience. Supplemental courses, focused on prevention capacity building, can be added to CSTs.


The Instructor Training component of the Green Dot Strategy is provided at GDIs and can be ideal for smaller teams or adding instructors to existing teams. The two-day training is offered on a rolling basis and open to any campus. The half-day Coordinating Team Training (virtual) is completed two weeks before the GDI. Individual colleges can schedule supplemental courses focused on prevention capacity building before or after a GDI.