Green Dot for the Trades



“Green Dot has a history of ongoing evaluation, adaptation, and improvement. This pilot project shows that the model has demonstrated measured improvement and therefore is a model that has the potential to make real impact in addressing jobsite culture in construction.” (Regional Respectful Workplace Model Review
Committee Recommendations, Oct. 2020)


Customized program evaluation plans provide a detailed, descriptive understanding of the impact of GDT implementation. Collected data provide information about effectiveness, and other outcomes prioritized by leadership and other key-stakeholders.


Evaluation can measure progress, effectiveness, and impact. Short-term outcomes include employee satisfaction with training experience, participants’ intentions to act, increases in knowledge, and changes in attitudes. Longer term evaluation plans can also assess actual changes in employee behavior across time, employee perceptions of workplace climate, actual changes in workplace climate, and how long new behaviors are sustained.


Depending on client capacity and access to employees, Evaluation Plans can include several tools.

  • Pre-Workshop Surveys are distributed to participants prior to workshops allowing us to see if there are changes in participant behaviors, attitudes, and knowledge because of their training.
  • Post-Workshop Surveys are completed immediately after a workshop allowing us to assess participant satisfaction, gains in knowledge, intention to act, and confidence in using new skills.
  • Follow-Up Surveys are distributed at later points after the workshop (e.g., 3 months, 6 months, 12 months).  They provide data on actual behavior changes over time, such as how often employees intervene or engage in positive behaviors, and how long new behaviors are sustained over time.
  • Focus Groups (conversations with a small group of workshop participants) provides more detailed insights into the impact and experiences of workshop participants.

Need Customized Solutions?

Green Dot for the Trades is not a one-size-fits-all program. It is designed to allow each company or contractor to customize all three elements of the program – training, social marketing, and evaluation – to reflect the unique characteristics of their workplace or jobsite.

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