Green Dot for the Trades



GDT Workshops were developed to support organizations in achieving four goals: (1) Prevent all forms of harassment, (2) Create a workplace climate of dignity and respect, (3) Enhance safety and productivity, and (4) Retain a diverse and talented workforce. Meeting these goals helps ensure contractors can get quality work done safely, on time, and within budget for every project. And that is good for business.


Training includes two workshops. The workshops focus on creating a healthy and respectful workplace climate and building intervention skills. Workshops are designed for leadership (Public and Private Owners, General Contractors, site foremen & supervisors) and for the general workforce (sub-contractors, journeymen, apprentices, craftworkers). The workshops cover four key skills:

Step One: Recognize disrespectful and harassing behaviors.
Step Two: Understand barriers that keep individuals from intervening.
Step Three: Identify realistic ways to intervene.
Step Four: Engage in behaviors that support a culture of respect.


Each workshop can be delivered in-person, virtually, and through eLearning. Having multiple options ensures training is scalable, readily accessible, and that contractors can achieve full training compliance on jobsites with intricate work scheduling throughout the duration of the project.

Training Team

Alteristic has a highly skilled and diverse training team with extensive experience delivering training, both virtually and in-person, to small, single site organizations as well as large organizations with complex structures, diverse workforces, and distinctive needs and challenges. This elite team of trainers has combined training experience of more than 100 years and has earned a cumulative average across thousands of participants from diverse sectors of 97% finding them to be both engaging instructors and effective facilitators.


An unparalleled feature of our eLearning course is our ability to customize every element. The narrators, testimonials, scenarios, videos, illustrations, and activities can all be tailored to ensure the program resonates with workers and reflects the unique characteristics of your jobsite.

Multi-Year Program

GDT is designed to be implemented for the duration of a project. It is ideal for workers on a job for an extended period to attend multiple workshops over time. Rather than repeating the same workshop, GDT includes multiple versions that review the four steps, while varying the framing, activities, testimonials, scenarios, and examples.

Need Customized Solutions?

Every workplace is unique! Green Dot for the Trades is not a one-size-fits-all program. It is designed to allow each company or contractor to customize all three elements of the program – training, social marketing, and evaluation – to reflect the unique characteristics of their jobsite.