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Social Marketing Campaigns

Social Marketing Campaigns

Social Marketing Campaigns reinforce and strengthen prevention-related skills learned in the workshop ensuring they are sustained long enough to become the new norm. By integrating (1) passive media messaging, and (2) mini-prevention activities and toolbox talks – mobile, online, and in-person – into the daily routines of the workforce, the topic of a respectful jobsite culture remains centered throughout the duration of a project.


These materials serve three functions: (1) provide a visible reminder of the commitment to maintain a respectful worksite,  (2) prompt conversations about bystander involvement and intolerance of harassment, and (3) reinforce key content and provide a range of options for action. The collaterals for each campaign include a series of posters/signage; logos and designs that can be printed on a variety of products, and graphics and messaging that can be used on websites and social media platforms. Clients have the option of receiving all materials electronically and/or having Alteristic manage ordering and providing all materials so each campaign is ready-to-go.


Each campaign includes a set of short activities and toolbox talks that correspond with the posters. Activities are intended to be effectively implemented on a busy jobsite, even with limited dedicated staff time.  To keep activities realistic to implement, each one is either (1) selected and customized to be integrated into the daily routines of workers and/or existing meetings and Toolbox Talks, or (2) delivered on smartphones or tablets, putting skill-building practice in the hands of workers on the go.

Activities include manageable tasks such as simple talking points supervisors or foremen can share at a Toolbox Talk, social media campaigns that can be implemented by posting ready-to-go content, or 30-second skill builds delivered with a click of a button to the smart phones of each worker.

Social Marketing Examples