Virtual Trainings

The combination of our 10+ years experience providing virtual solutions, our rich experience in utilizing a variety of delivery platforms, our research informed content and engaging delivery helps our partners create safer and more inclusive workplaces, academic institutions, and communities.

Alteristic’s program development model and live delivery provide participants with an interactive, engaging, and immediately actionable virtual learning experience. Research suggests that the most important factor in predicting positive outcomes is the opportunity for participants to interact and apply new skills and knowledge. As such, Alteristic tailors each training to minimize lecture and maximize usage of the interactive functions included in a selected platform.

Virtual Bystander Workshops

Alteristic has developed a series of virtual prevention trainings to address multiple forms of harassment and interpersonal violence for a wide range of audiences including, professionals working in government agencies, military branches, construction trades, service industries, academic and medical centers, financial and research institutions, international corporations; and advocates and educators working in college, high school and community settings.

Virtual Train the Instructors

Alteristic trainers conduct a multi-day virtual training to equip professionals to implement a tailored prevention strategy and deliver workshops in their own organizations and communities. We recognize the reality that many instructors are asked to implement these workshops in addition their daily work responsibilities. As such, the TTI is designed to prepare instructors for implementation while requiring minimal additional preparation time after the TTI.

Customized Solution

Alteristic offers virtual training products, ranging from 90-minute workshops to multi-day trainings, across a variety of platforms. Alteristic will customize a prevention program based on your organization’s capacity, resources and workforce. Each program will be tailored to your unique culture, goals, and values.

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Virtual Trainings