Green Dot at Work

Healthy Workplaces

Green Dot at Work is an interactive, eLearning program intended to improve workplace climates. As with our live training, it is designed to equip employees at all levels of organizations to play a role in (1) preventing all forms of harassment, and (2) creating safe and respectful work climates that allow all employees to thrive, maximizes productivity, and retains a diverse and talented workforce.

Flexible and Scalable

Green Dot at Work can be used in combination with workshops and Train the Instructors – as part of a comprehensive prevention strategy – as well as a stand-alone solution for some organizations. It is a solution that ensures scalability for organizations with large workforces in multiple locations and offers flexibility for employees to access the training at a time that is most convenient for them.

Interactive Skill Building

The priority of live and eLearning training is learning transfer, i.e. ensuring participants apply new skills in their work setting. As such Green Dot at Work provides individuals with an effective, interactive, engaging, and an immediately actionable learning experience.

Tailored For Your Workforce

Green Dot at Work can be customized to best align with your goals and workforce. Electronic versions of company specific resources can be included; examples, illustrations, and scenarios can be adapted; and pre- and post-survey questions can be tailored to provide information on the outcomes most relevant to leadership and key stakeholders.

How It Works

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Course Length 

1 hour


100% Online


Alteristic Trainer Led

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