Alteristic Launches Green Dot at Work, an interactive e-learning Program to Improve Workplace Climate


LEXANDRIA, Virginia – Alteristic, a national leader in workplace harassment prevention, has launched Green Dot at Work, an interactive program to reduce harassment and ensure a safe and respectful work environment. The web-based program equips employees as active bystanders who can intervene when they see concerning behaviors and help to set positive norms that make it less likely workplace harassment occurs.


“We know that far too many people across job roles endure harassment, bullying, and other concerning behaviors in the workplace,” says Kalkidan Gossaye, Senior Vice President at Alteristic. “By adapting our evidence-based strategies to an e-learning platform, we are hoping to increase the access of organizations and companies of all sizes to prevention programming that is informed by research, highly interactive, and motivating for employees at all levels”


The Green Dot prevention strategy has been used in diverse settings, across industries both nationally and internationally, to reduce harassment and other forms of harm. This includes use of the strategy in construction trades, banking, hospitality, healthcare, military, education, technology, and research. Multiple studies have found Green Dot to be effective in increasing bystander intervention behaviors and decreasing violence in high schools and colleges.


Dr. Dorothy J. Edwards, President of Alteristic says, “Everyone deserves to feel safe, respected, and included at work. Green Dot at Work holds the promise of prevention for workplaces across the U.S. Informed by the latest research, Green Dot at Work allows all employees to see the role they can play in prevention and to feel motivated and equipped to take action.”


Green Dot at Work is available immediately from Alteristic. The program is customizable to businesses and organizations in all sectors of work.




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About Alteristic, Inc.: Alteristic mobilizes communities by harnessing the power of individual actions. Alteristic is focused on reducing power-based personal violence, harassment, and other social issues that impede progress toward safe and equitable communities.


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