Green Dot For Workplaces

Alteristic’s comprehensive workplace harassment prevention strategy is built to optimize and activate inherent human good, equipping individuals and mobilizing teams to create social norms that ensure a safe and respectful work environment for employees.

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Alterisitc takes a tailored approach to equipping organizations to utilize the Green Dot strategy. Determining the best training and dissemination strategy depends on the unique needs and characteristics of an organization including but not limited to organization size, structure, office locations, and availability and accessibility of employees to participate in trainings. Depending on the complexity and intricacy of these organization variables, services may include:


Green Dot bystander intervention workshops are focused on equipping employees across different levels of a workplace to respond when they notice behaviors that could lead to or constitute harassment, bullying, and other forms of aggression in their workplace, and engage in behaviors that establish a healthy work environment.

Implementer Trainings

Designed for select employees, variations of the Implementer Training are highly interactive and engaging. These trainings provide the foundation and skills practice needed to lead implementation of the full Green Dot Prevention Strategy within an organization.

Virtual learning and Technical Assistance

Virtual trainings and webinars are utilized to provide training, technical assistance and consultations across a variety of platforms.


Our interactive e-learning program, Green Dot at Work, can be used in combination with live (in-person or virtual) trainings as part of a comprehensive prevention strategy. The program can also be a stand-alone solution for some organizations.

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