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By carefully considering the cultural context, we design trainings and recommend prevention methods that resonate with every age group and in every setting. With this comprehensive and customized approach, we harness the strength of hope and power of action in everyday settings.


We are developing the next generation of proactive prevention, which means our impact in education is fundamental to creating a safer world. Supported by attentive consultation and thorough technical assistance, our Green Dot program has been implemented in hundreds of schools across the nation. We offer techniques to empower staff of every capacity and mobilize students of every age group. Our comprehensive strategy addresses the key behaviors and influences in each developmental stage to create a lifelong culture of mutual respect and collective responsibility.

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To create fundamental culture change in violence prevention, social justice, and community well-being, we must work at all levels of society. We consult with government entities to leverage best practices, build capacity, develop strategic plans, and shape policy. Through long term partnerships with offices such as the Department of Justice and the U.S. Air Force, we have driven necessary changes in prevention practice.


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Due to the domestic success of the Green Dot program and our advancements in understanding the active ingredients of effective prevention, we have extended our reach. Our team is consulting, adapting, and training on prevention around the world. While certain elements of prevention and community mobilization are universal, strategies can’t be successful or sustainable without the leadership and partnership of international communities.

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For many people, more than half of their waking hours are spent at work. That means safe workplaces equal safe communities, and employers play a central role defining and maintaining community norms. By engaging businesses, we leverage their power to set norms in their workspaces and throughout the communities in which they operate. We offer trainings, program adaptations, and technical assistance to help companies—large and small—create safe, healthy cultures for their employees.


Engaging a critical mass of a community is essential to creating the cultural shift necessary for the reduction of violence. With that in mind, we stress the importance of community-wide support for violence prevention. We have developed strategies that involve individuals and organizations across the entire social spectrum. We provide diverse opportunities to participate in prevention so that all community members have options for engagement that feel realistic and manageable in their daily lives.

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Connecticut College

Partnering to end sexual and dating violence and stalking
on campus.

Oregon Tradeswomen

Partnering to addresses bullying, harassment, hazing, and other forms of aggression in Portland’s construction trades.


We pursue organizational and individual partnerships with the spirit of humility and collaboration needed to change culture and create safe, equitable communities.

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Alteristic Launches Green Dot at Work, an interactive e-learning Program to Improve Workplace Climate

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia – Alteristic, a national leader in workplace harassment prevention, has launched Green Dot at Work, an interactive program to reduce harassment and ensure a safe and respectful work environment.

Teens Key to Reducing Relationship Abuse, Experts Say

Alexandria, VA (Feb. 18, 2021): Alteristic, Inc. has received a $350,000 grant from The Allstate Foundation to improve its Green Dot Relationship Violence Prevention Program, providing much needed education to young people and communities across the United States.

We’re in This Together – Even When We’re Apart

Had you asked me three months ago about hosting a 4-Day Green Dot Certification Training on a virtual platform, I would have laughed and said, “Absolutely not.”