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Lifelong impact

We have developed primary prevention strategies that engage people across the human lifespan. For children and adults, risk factors need to be identified and addressed while protective factors enhanced and strengthened. Each of our programs addresses age-specific forms of violence with developmentally appropriate, skills-based and research informed approaches.

Young children participate in Green Dot activity

Research Informed & Culturally Responsive

The core elements of Green Dot programs are informed by rigorous research and evaluation. But, to ensure widespread impact, each program is conceptualized as a detailed template designed to be modified and adapted for maximum resonance with each audience. Integrating language, examples, values, and concepts that match the specific context and culture of the participants will increase engagement and ultimately the effectiveness of the program.

From Bystander Intervention to Community Mobilization 

Bystander intervention training plays a key role as part of a comprehensive strategy to permanently reduce rates of violence and mobilize and empower all members of a given community. Through bystander intervention training, the Green Dot program engages witnesses to interrupt situations that are imminently or potentially high-risk for violence, increases self-efficacy and provides skill building and specific strategies to increase the likelihood that trained individuals will actually intervene. By expanding the role of bystanders beyond reactive, the Green Dot program trains participants to engage in proactive behaviors that model and endorse norms that are incompatible with violence. The ultimate goal is not simply to react to potential violence as it is occurring, but rather to simultaneously shift community norms that support the violence that is occurring.

Green Dot Map of Reach

Worldwide reach

In addition to our training programs, we offer large-scale Green Dot adaptations based on extensive literature reviews, focus groups, and pilots. These adaptations have served many organizations including the Air Force, native Alaskan communities, South African communities, Native American tribes, and women’s trades organizations.


Green Dot for Kids Strategy is currently under revision! In our continued effort to develop and sustain effective programs, we are not accepting requests for K-3 implementation. 

Middle School (6–8)

Green Dot for Middle School Strategy is currently under revision! In our continued effort to develop and sustain effective programs, we are not accepting requests for Middle School implementation. 

High School (9–12)

Green Dot for High School recognizes the power of peer influence, leverages the most influential students, and offers actionable solutions within a teen’s social realities.


Green Dot for College approaches all students, staff, administrators, and faculty as allies in order to create a safe campus culture that is intolerant of violence.


Green Dot for Communities uses culturally responsive methods to engage a critical mass of people and sustain behavior change that will result in a reduction of violence.

Green Dot Institute

The Green Dot Institute provides instruction in the Green Dot Violence Prevention Strategy and certification to attendees at a shared location.

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