The success of a program or strategy depends on the skill of the implementers.

We provide training courses for both leadership and frontline professionals that focus on core competency areas necessary for the successful implementation of any program.


Keynotes should mobilize a crowd.

We know how to instill hope and possibility, introduce basic or advanced content on prevention, and provide instant, actionable ways for participants to engage in prevention. From international conferences to local events, our compelling keynotes on prevention are always adapted to the needs of the audience.


Workshops are all about working the room.

We tailor our workshops to the needs of the audience and organization. Our activities are designed to build actionable skill sets that can be applied to prevention efforts in every community. Workshops range from 60-minute conference sessions to multi-day trainings onsite.

Green Dot workshop participants in group activity.

Keynote and workshop topics

Shifting Paradigms and Practices from Response to Prevention

Fundamentals of Effective Prevention

Core Components of Bystander Intervention

The Necessity of Hope in Creating Change

Mobilizing a Community to Action

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