social accelerators

Our Approach

Our role as social accelerators speaks to our strategy to capitalize on inherent human good. We are focused on reducing power-based personal violence and addressing other social issues that impede progress toward safe and equitable communities. We believe all individuals are capable of positive action, collectively mobilizing a force powerful enough to create lasting societal change. We accelerate individual impact by inspiring hope for change, providing realistic tools to act, and helping overcome personal, relational, and cultural barriers.

Mission: We mobilize communities by harnessing the power of individual actions.

Vision: To create a safe and equitable society.


The urgency of our work requires moving away from ineffective approaches—we’re ensuring efficient progress through an interdisciplinary approach that integrates cross-sector research and historical insight.


Mobilizing a critical mass of individuals requires moving beyond increasing awareness and changing attitudes to providing educational programs that equip people with the skill and motivation necessary to act.


Activating culture change requires inspiration. We move beyond sharing knowledge and skills by infusing individuals with the clarity of conviction and the passion of possibility.

Team & board

We are leaving a legacy. Our passion is matched only by our ability to think outside the box, scrutinize our own work, and connect and collaborate with others. With the human stakes so high, we work in humble concert, understanding that our success as an organization is inextricably linked to the success of each individual. The paths we took to this work are unique, but we are bound by a common goal.


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We pursue organizational and individual partnerships with the spirit of humility and collaboration needed to change culture and create safe, equitable communities.

Our Thinking