DJ Edwards
Director of Digital Content (Consulting)

DJ is the Director of Digital Content.  She primarily focuses on digital communications and production, as well as the development and oversight of Alteristic’s eLearning products. Previously DJ was the photo editor at Crosscut, a non-profit news organization in Seattle, where she oversaw daily photo department operations and managed visual projects. She began her career as a visual journalist for the USA Today Network in Florida covering international and national news, along with long-form documentary journalism. She grew up mostly in the Southeast, with most of her life spent in Kentucky. She has a BA in photojournalism from Western Kentucky University.


I am here because I still have hope. Despite my years working as a photojournalist sitting with survivor after survivor and listening to their stories of sexual assault and abuse, I still have hope. Despite the countless stories of violence and injustice that I bore witness to, I still have hope. I still have hope that most people are good. I still have hope we can absolutely shift the culture so this kind of violence is a thing of the past.


My happy places are as follows: on a hiking trail in the mountains with my dog, in the kitchen listening to Alanis Morissette while cooking dinner with my wife, in a big empty parking lot on my roller skates, on the couch with my siblings watching a Harry Potter movie marathon, on a loud dance floor in an over-the-top sequin-covered outfit, around a dinner table with my oldest best friends.