Jose Carval
Senior Trainer

Jose Carval (he/him/el) is a Senior Trainer at Alteristic. Jose has spent the last six years doing violence intervention and prevention work in higher education, including implementing Green Dot at his alma mater, Florida State University. His passion areas include leadership development, masculinity studies, and supporting first-generation/low-income college students. He received his Bachelor’s from FSU. He grew up in Florida but currently lives in New York City with his partner and their fur babies, Abbey and Dooney.


In a world loaded with competing interests, never-ending tasks and challenges, it’s easy to overlook the humanity in others. I believe in a world that values humanity and celebrates the pieces that make us individually authentic. This is what drives my hope that the work we are doing will play an instrumental part in ending power-based personal violence. Because if every day we could all just pause to listen to others, lead with kindness, and create space for all to live their most authentic lives, we can all thrive and be proud of the world we pass down to the generations ahead.


It took me years to realize I had been living a lie by telling myself and others I’m an introvert. I really just have anxiety and small talk hurts my soul. Bad puns and sarcasm are my love language. At one point I thought I would be a doctor but I don’t have the patients… (get it… patients..) My partner and I are those dog parents that do the most for their pets and have no shame about it. I have a deep-rooted love for baseball and the New York Yankees. Self-care to me is going to a baseball game, watching mindless reality tv, dog cuddles, and listening to songs that bring me joy on repeat until my partner begs me to listen to something else.

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