Vice President of Project Development

Kristen co-leads Alteristic’s programs and training efforts and contributes to strategic planning, capacity building, and prevention program development. She provides training and technical assistance in power-based personal violence prevention. Prior to joining Alteristic, Kristen worked for a community based agency in Lexington, Ky., as the Education Coordinator and implemented Green Dot in middle schools, high schools, and colleges across the state. She also provided anti-violence presentations and workshops for the Bluegrass Region of Kentucky and medical and legal advocacy for survivors.

See Kristen in action!


I am here because I believe in a different world. I believe in a world where power-based personal violence is not a common experience. I believe in a world where my kids will think of the current rates of sexual assault, dating violence, stalking, and bullying the way I think of the time before television—a distant, far off, sounds too unreal to have ever actually been true, past reality. This is not just a dream: it is a real possibility, and it is ours to take.


Kristen grew up in a town in Kentucky and moved to a slightly larger city where she met a handsome man. They would get married and have kids (but not in that order, dun dun dun). Over the course of a decade, she would become addicted to coffee, be ‘that parent’ who talks about her kids all the time, and watch as her metabolism slowly turned on her.  Hold onto your seat as you watch her live life with passion for her work and family while she tries to maintain her double life as a Netflix enthusiast and a perpetual procrastinator. Suspense, passion, intrigue, potato chips.

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