Vice President, Research and Program Development

Lea co-leads Alteristic’s programs and training efforts. She works on strategic planning and capacity building, and she provides training and technical assistance in power-based personal violence prevention. Lea provides leadership in developing prevention curriculum and coaching of staff trainers. She has served as a violence prevention educator and domestic violence/sexual assault advocate in Montana and as a program evaluator for local and statewide violence prevention initiatives in Montana, Kentucky, Idaho, and Alaska. She holds a Master’s of Public Health from the University of Kentucky.

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I do this work because I can imagine with complete clarity, a world where interpersonal violence is talked about as a historical lesson learned. Something we refer back to when we talk about great cultural shifts and major social justice movements. I do this work because I’m not willing to resign to the world as it is, where interpersonal violence feels inevitable, where almost everyone I know has a connection to this issue, directly or indirectly. I do this work because this issue has gone on far too long and the time to fix it is now.


I find that coffee shops, chapstick, mountains, sleep, mac and cheese, and the Green Bay Packers winning are all imperative to my happiness. I also get sad when pomegranate season is over. I overthink EVERYTHING and I often think out loud. For example, this paragraph took me 8 hours to write and now my dog knows my likes and dislikes even more intimately.

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