Group bullying, cruel teasing, pushing, hitting, kicking, and other forms of violence do not have to be the norm for kids. Children can be taught active bystander habits as early as kindergarten. Adults can be equipped to discern between “tattle-tales” and “active bystanders,” modeling and reinforcing pro-bystanding behaviors. Adults can also identify and respond to risk factors and strengthen protective factors to reduce future perpetration or victimization. Green Dot for Kids is in the pilot stage and is not currently available for distribution. We will release updates once the pilot is completed and the program is available for the K-3 audience.

Classroom Curriculum & Toolkits

The program includes a classroom curriculum facilitated by teachers and toolkits for parents and other adults outside the classroom, including coaches, group leaders, and after school program professionals. Teachers are trained to deliver the curriculum in the classroom, using several techniques for information dissemination including storytelling, puppetry, singing, group activities, art, and play to maximize the learning potential of young students. The curriculum also offers video elements, an activity book, games, and other interactive elements to achieve the goals. The toolkits offer supporting strategies to allow parents and other adults to strengthen the concepts of the classroom curriculum at home in other settings.

Kindergarten boys practice Green Dot skills.

What we achieve

The overall goal of the classroom curriculum is to develop positive norms in young children that support community responsibility and individual safety. It emphasizes proactive bystander intervention and healthy, respectful relationships. To achieve this goal, the program strengthens empathy in children. It increases kind, respectful, and cooperative behaviors toward others, and teaches children how to distinguish between playful teasing and hurtful actions such as bullying and aggression. It also equips children with safe and appropriate bystander responses, developing their problem solving skills and helping them overcome personal barriers.

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Green Dot for Kids