Senior Vice President (Consulting)

Dr. Smith is a diversity, equity and inclusion SME and effective organization management executive with 15 years of experience in DEI leadership, program and financial oversight, strategic planning, and evidence-based management. She provides leadership around DEI issues, development of Alteristic’s financial management strategy and the organization’s strategic priorities. She also oversees communications, development, and external relations. She has a Doctorate in Business Management from Drexel University, an MA in Political Science and a BA in Political Science and International Studies from Indiana University.


I am in this work because I feel there is nothing impossible about our ability to create a world without violence – I don’t have all the answers and yet I know I have to wake up every single day and try my hardest to show up, learn, and lead in this movement as only a black, immigrant woman could. I know that in all of my very being I am compelled to move our world faster and still faster to a culture where no one suffers from violence – a world where girls and women, boys and men can reach their full potential because they live lives free from violence.


Here is everything you need to know about me – I love potatoes with every fiber of my being that absolutely, most ardently hates onions. My favorite part of going to the movies is seeing the previews and my biggest fear in life is dying without reading all the books that humanity has produced. I say that fully recognizing that my biggest fear will eventually come to bear. Until then, I will use every moment I can reading books. Now, I want you to understand this has to do with more than mere fears of intellectual inadequacy; I feel it is a moral obligation.

Madeline McCarren