Khalid Battle
Senior Trainer

Khalid is a Senior Trainer at Alteristic. He began his career as a family advocate with Neighbor to Family Foster Care Agency in Atlanta.  He went on to serve as a Program Manager at The United Methodist Children’s Home where he worked with families experiencing homelessness. Prior to joining Alteristic, Khalid delivered workshops on creating safer, more respectful work, living and learning environments at schools, hospitals, and other service organizations nationally as an Instructor at Crisis Prevention Institute.  He has a BA from Hampton University.


Embracing one’s authenticity can be daunting and at times overwhelming, especially if we have accepted false narratives shaped by ignorance, hate or fear. Yet, on the opposing and winning side of those narratives is wisdom, love, and hope. My great passion is to consistently and compassionately shine a light on ways that we can connect with one another to truly be our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers —to know ourselves and others as peaceful, complete, and whole.


I am infinitely intrigued by astronomy. I spend hours reading and watching YouTube clips about stars, moons, other planets and interstellar travel!  In my opinion, 24, the original TV series, is the greatest show ever! I typically won’t watch a movie in its entirety more than once, but, I watch my favorite scenes over and over again.  Speaking of doing things repeatedly, I’ve read The Alchemist more times than I can count — speaking of books, I buy more books than I read. I plan to read them all one day.  I also enjoy sending and receiving hilarious GIFs.

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